Paul J Mila Books



1. Dangerous Waters

2. Whales' Angels

3. Fireworks

4. Near Miss

5. Killer in Paradise

6. Fugitive In Paradise


Larry Loggerhead Travels to the Sea Turtle Hospital

Gracie Green Turtle
Finds Her Beach

Harry Hawksbill
Helps His Friends


Bubbles Up

Basic Underwater Photography


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Paul Mila Author & Underwater Photographer
Paul Mila - Writing at his Cozumel Condo
Paul Mila - Author


Author's Bio

  Paul Mila - Author & Underwater Photographer

Paul Mila has expanded his horizons from Brooklyn to Baja, and beyond. In 2002, he traded in his corporate suit for a wetsuit and now devotes his time to writing, scuba diving, underwater photography, and speaking to groups about ocean conservation. He has enjoyed photographing and diving with Caribbean reef sharks in the Bahamas, humpback whales in the Dominican Republic and Tonga, gray whales in Mexico’s Baja lagoons, great white sharks at Guadalupe Island, Mexico, and a wide variety of sea life around the world, including his favorite dive location: Cozumel, Mexico, and his home waters of Long Island, New York. 

Diving in the same waters as the characters in his books enables Paul to write exciting, realistic dive adventures and to accurately describe the beauty and wonder of our undersea world for non-diving readers.


 Fugitive in Paradise is the sixth novel in his Manetta Mystery Adventure series, featuring a cast of colorful Caribbean characters. He has also published three entertaining and informative children’s books, The Harry Hawksbill Sea Turtle Adventures, through Best Publishing Company, and co-authored Bubbles Up with Judith Hemenway, a nonfiction collection of ocean adventures and sea creature encounters. 

Paul and his family reside in Carle Place, New York. When not diving or writing, Paul teaches underwater photography at a local dive shop (Scuba Network), and coaches tennis. You can contact Paul via e-mail at paul@paulmila.comvisit his website at, and check out his newsletter, The Sea-gram, at