Paul J Mila - Fireworks



1. Dangerous Waters

2. Whales' Angels

3. Fireworks

4. Near Miss

5. Killer in Paradise

6. Fugitive In Paradise


Larry Loggerhead Travels to the Sea Turtle Hospital

Gracie Green Turtle
Finds Her Beach

Harry Hawksbill
Helps His Friends


Bubbles Up

Basic Underwater Photography


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Paul Mila Author & Underwater Photographer
Paul Mila - Writing at his Cozumel Condo
Paul Mila - Author


  Thriller Book Reviews
Mike Monahan, author of BARRACUDA
Review date: 6/28/2008

Paul Mila has done it again, with the third novel in his thrilling scuba diving series. Mila has an uncanny flair for putting readers into the thick of non-stop action.  Throw in a heroic dolphin, exciting underwater drama, and you won’t put this unique thriller down until the explosive conclusion. My hat’s off to you Paul. Well done!

Judith Hemenway, author of

Review date: 5/28/2008

Paul Mila’s popular underwater duo Terry and Joe Manetta have settled into a quiet, domestic life when the harsh reality of global terrorism intrudes upon their idyllic island paradise.  In this third adventure-mystery, Terry, Joe and Terry’s dolphin friend, Notchka, race against time to prevent a major disaster. A terrific page-turner that will keep you guessing.
Karen Sunde, actress and playwright, author of

Review date: 3/28/2008

Congratulations -- a master work -- neatly crafted -- and right smack on the Zeitgeist -- Wow!! 
Susannah Simmons, Westbury Times Reviewer
Review Date: January 2, 2009
Fireworks has something for everyone: courageous kids, bad guys you love to hate, an intuitive, retired New York Police Department detective, his sassy smart wife and a wild dolphin. Mila takes the reader on a roller coaster as the terrorists put their plan into place. The book is peppered with action, switchback surprises and sophisticated electronic explosive devices. The subplot of a married couple that works together, treating each other, co-workers and their children, with deference and respect is a refreshing counterpoint.
Nancy Morris
Allbooks Reviews
Review Date: Janury 3rd, 2010
Fireworks is a cleverly written novel, filled with not only  adventure and entertainment, but with many informative facts about every facet of the story. The characters are vivid and each unique, with genuine emotions and interpersonal relationships. The settings are described with an obviously personal appreciation, and talent, by the author. An exciting and fast-paced read, Fireworks is a wonderful book, that gives ample reason to look for the first two in the series!
    Highly Recommended