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1. Dangerous Waters

2. Whales' Angels

3. Fireworks

4. Near Miss

5. Killer in Paradise

6. Fugitive In Paradise


Larry Loggerhead Travels to the Sea Turtle Hospital

Gracie Green Turtle
Finds Her Beach

Harry Hawksbill
Helps His Friends


Bubbles Up

Basic Underwater Photography


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Paul Mila Author & Underwater Photographer
Paul Mila - Writing at his Cozumel Condo
Paul Mila - Author


  Thriller Book Reviews
Whales Angels
Judith Hemenway, Author of THE UNIVERSE NEXT DOOR
Review date: 6/6/2006

“In his sequel to Dangerous Waters, Paul Mila has crafted another exciting adventure-mystery featuring Terry Hunter and Joe Manetta. Mila skillfully combines an intricate mystery plot with engaging characters and insights from a different culture, allowing his readers to experience the world from a novel perspective: that of the whales and dolphins who inhabit three-quarters of our planet. Don’t miss this one!”

Bonnie J. Cardone, former editor of Skin Diver Magazine, author of THE FIRESIDE DIVER
Review date: 6/30/2006

“A solid plot, intriguing characters and a realistic depiction of scuba diving and marine creatures are the hallmarks of Paul Mila’s second novel featuring Terry Hunter and Joe Manetta, who get involved with activists (“Angels”) attempting to prevent a rogue sea captain from harpooning whales. Saving a whale, one Angel ends up dead — but was it an accident? The resolution will keep readers on the edge of their seats!

Mike Monahan, author of BARRACUDA
Review date: 6/15/2008

Paul Mila expertly uses his knowledge of scuba diving, criminal investigations, and large pelagics to weave another suspenseful tale in this exciting sequel to DANGEROUS WATERS. Terry and Joe are at it again as they get involved in international intrigue to help save the whales and solve a puzzling murder. Mila has a smooth writing style that compels you to finish this book in one reading. Well done!